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NIAS Highlights

NIAS replaced its annual report by another publication: the Highlights of the Academic Year. This brochure showcases a selection of events, projects and fellows that NIAS feels are particularly representative of NIAS's activities.

Highlights of the Academic Year 2014/15

Each year group has a characteristic dynamic and 2014/15 was no exception. It was notable how many Fellows reported benefitting from NIAS in ways they had not envisaged. We saw unlikely duos sharing methodologies: an economist working on political legislative bargaining and an anthropologist working on Cameroonian pastoralists found common ground in decision-making research; an Egyptologist was inspired by our theme-group members to incorporate the perspective of network theory into his work. Other Fellows were astonished how cognitive freedom and space in a multidisciplinary environment energized their research, their ideas, their writing and thus their impact on society. Moreover, research at NIAS is increasingly connected to successful grant applications and we celebrated at least two ERC grants and a Hera as well as several new appointments and collaborations between Dutch and international scholars. In this sense, NIAS is not just a place for concentrated work; it acts as a crossroads for the next career direction. You can download the NIAS Highlights 2014/15 here.


Highlights of the Academic Year 2013/14

The research group for the academic year 2013/14 included four theme groups as well as individual fellows. The disciplines represented by researchers from many different countries ranged across the Humanities, Social Sciences, Life and Natural Sciences. NIAS succeeded in attracting more women researchers. A good balance of senior and junior researchers was achieved. Yet, even with this increase in diversity, the year group maintained the sense of a close, supportive academic community that is so typical for NIAS. The vibrant NIAS workshop programme meant that over six hundred researchers were able to work together intensively during one of the twenty-eight workshops held in the NIAS conference building.

NIAS Highlights 2013-14

You can download the NIAS Highlights 2013/14 here.


Highlights of the Academic Year 2012/13

The Academic Year 2012/13 was an extra-ordinarily diverse year. NIAS staff and rector welcomed fifty-eight fellows from a wide variety of academic disciplines. The researchers from the natural sciences made a wonderful and valuable contribution to the scientific community in true interdisciplinary fashion. NIAS provided space for reflection and discussion, not only for fellows and their guests but also for the participants of the 22 small-scale international workshops held at NIAS.


You can download the NIAS Highlights 2012/13 here.

Highlights of the Academic Year 2011/12

In the Academic Year 2011/12 a total of 57 fellows, worked at NIAS, and the campus was buzzing with scholars engaging in intellectual exchange, fruitful discussion and thoughtful reflection. NIAS’s three focus areas: Cultural Heritage & e-Humanities, Brain & Cognition and Global Society & Identity lay at the heart of many of the academic projects.


You can download the NIAS Highlights 2011/12 here.

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