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Doel H.W. van den


Wim van den Doel

Wim van den Doel, born in Zierikzee, the Netherlands, in 1962. Ph.D. from Leiden University. Associate Professor of Contemporary History at Leiden University

Fellow (1 September 1999 - 31 January 2000)

During my stay at NIAS, I wrote the final part op my book on the Indonesian Revolution and the decolonisation of the Dutch empire in Southeast Asia. The purpose of this new book is to analyse the mentioned decolonisation-process in the context of the history of the European colonial empires after the Second World War. A fresh approach towards the fall of the Dutch empire in Asia is needed, not only to do justice to the many recent studies on many different aspects of this history, but also to present an alternative view on events than at present is dominant in Dutch historiography. The book was published in August 2000 with Bert Bakker/Prometheus Publishers in Amsterdam under the title, Afscheid van Indië. De ondergang van het Nederlandse koloniale rijk in Azië

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