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Craciun-Fischer, I.M.C.


Ioana Craciun-Fischer

Ioana Craciun-Fischer, born in Constanta, Romania, in 1958. Ph.D. from Eberhard-Karls- Universität Tübingen. Lecturer of Medieval and Contemporary German Literature at the University of Bucharest.

Mellon Fellow (1 February 2001 - 30 June 2001)

My stay at NIAS as a Mellon Fellow during the second term of the academic year 2001 was a unique intellectual and life experience. Living and working in a 'family' of scholars, equally motivated to pursue their various projects, turned out to provide many impulses for my own research field. I profited greatly from the open mindedness of the NIAS scholars and the emulating atmosphere that so characterises the Institute. The contact with the colleagues was of crucial importance, since interdisciplinary scientific dialogue was a prerequisite for the accomplishment of my research purpose. Due to the efficient help of the friendly NIAS librarians I consulted about 150 articles and books in connection with my research topic: "German drama in the late sixties". The new perspectives these publications opened up for me helped substantially widen my research project. What I initially thought would be an article on the relationship between the artist and the revolution in the German drama during the students' movement, eventually became a chapter of a book with a much broader horizon and a much more complex structure. Its provisional title is "Historische Dichtergestalten im deutschen Gegenwartsdrama".

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