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The Translator-in-Residence fellowship is for translators who translate fiction and non-fiction written in other languages into Dutch. The programme is a collaboration between NIAS and the Dutch Foundation for Literature (Nederlands Letterenfonds) in Amsterdam. It is awarded occasionally

About  the Translator-in-Residence Fellowship

The Translator-in-Residence programme offers translators the opportunity to work for an extended period within an international academic community. The view is that sharing ideas with scholars from the humanities, social sciences and other disciplines can inform a translator’s work. In this way the Fellowship can contribute to enriching and diversifying the body of fiction and non-fiction available in the Dutch language.

The position of Translator-in-Residence is intended for those who translate from any foreign language to Dutch. Translators at NIAS benefit from the academic environment at NIAS and the range of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences such as linguistics, history and literature.

Practical Information

    • NIAS and Dutch Foundation for Literature offer a fellowship of one semester (5 months) for a translator from the Netherlands who translates work into Dutch
    • The Translator-in-Residence fellowship for Dutch translators includes studio accommodation or a fixed commuting allowance (see also Facilities for Fellows), lunches, a personal study and research facilities.
    • The recipient of a Translator-in-Residence Fellowship receives a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature. For more information on this and other fellowships for authors, see the Foundation’s website

Application and Selection

  • The Translator-in-Residence Fellowship is by invitation only. Publishing houses can recommend applicants to the Dutch Foundation for Literature (Greetje Heemskerk, Head of Author Policy Department: +31-(0)20-5207300
  • The Dutch Foundation for Literature puts forward suitable candidates to NIAS
  • NIAS awards the fellowship in consultation with Dutch Foundation for Literature
  • For questions regarding Translator-in-Residence fellowships, please contact the Dutch Foundation for Literature - Greetje Heemskerk: +31-(0)20-5207300 or NIAS - Nick den Hollander: +31 (0) 70 5122711

Current and former fellows:

  • Guido Golüke       English/Dutch                     2012/13
  • J.W. Bos                 Romanian/Dutch                2011/12
  • J. Holierhoek        French/Dutch                      2010/11
  • B. van de Pol        Spanish/Dutch                     2009/10
  • K. Lesman             Polish/Dutch                       2008/09

About the Dutch Foundation for Literature

The Dutch Foundation for Literature came about in 2010 when the Stichting Fonds voor de Letteren merged with the Nederlands Literair Productie- en Vertalingenfonds. The Dutch Foundation for Literature offers grants and subsidies to writers, translators, publishers and literary festivals. The aim is to support high quality Dutch Literature and to encourage a diverse literary climate that takes into account new developments as well as literary heritage. The Foundation actively contributes to the promotion and dissemination of Dutch and Frisian Literature at home and abroad. 

NIAS-Dutch Foundation for Literature partnership

The first Translator-in-Residence Fellowship was offered in 2008 as part of a collaboration with, what was then known as, the Stichting Fonds voor de Letteren and later the Dutch Foundation for Literature. This fellowship has allowed those who translate into Dutch to benefit from the unique and diverse academic setting at NIAS.

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