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Fellowships: What NIAS Offers

NIAS offers time and space to interact with renowned scholars from different backgrounds. It provides researchers with an opportunity to spend time away from the everyday demands and constraints of the university system. The academic environment at NIAS is conducive to bring academic work to fruition while encouraging  the generation of new approaches and ideas.


Facilities for Fellows


NIAS Fellows are allotted a personal office with a computer and internet connection, and are entitled to make use of the library and support services. Lunches on weekdays, coffee and tea as well as a monthly contribution to academic and social activities are all included in the fellowship.


NIAS has twelve furnished studio apartments located at Kloveniersburgwal 23 1011 JV Amsterdam next to the Royal Academy's Trippenhuis Building, a 5minute walk to the NIAS offices. These studios can be rented by individual fellows from abroad at a subsidized rent of 250 euro/month.

Family apartments in the Amsterdam area are available for fellows from abroad who stay at NIAS for a minimum of one semester. The four furnished two-bedroom family apartments are located at Stadionplein in south west Amsterdam. These family apartments are a 20minute tram ride (tram number 16 - every 5 minutes) away from the NIAS main building. The subsidized rent for a family apartment is 750 euro/month. 

Fellows from the Netherlands living within an acceptable range of the Institute (e.g. a 1,5-hour commute) are expected to commute daily. Travel expenses are reimbursed on the basis of government regulations. Fellows from the Netherlands living further away may be able to occupy one of our studios. However, studios are in great demand, therefore can only be assigned on the basis of availability. If you are assigned a studio, travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

Please note that domestic animals are not allowed in the offices, studios or family apartments.

More about accommodation at NIAS

Travel costs

The Institute reimburses one second-class international return ticket for Fellows from abroad. Family members’ travel costs will not be reimbursed.

Stipends and teaching replacement subsidies

The arrangements for stipends and subsidies described below are for NIAS Individual Fellowships and vary for Co-sponsored Fellowships. Please go to each specific Co-sponsored fellowship page for details (see here).

Fellows from a Dutch university – Grants

The grants that are available are up to € 3,800.- maximum per month for senior fellows (10 years or more post PhD research experience) and up to € 2,600.- maximum per month for junior fellows (post PhD research experience less than 10 years). The grant is used to cover housing in Amsterdam (only appropriate if travelling time exceeds 3 hours per day) and as a replacement subsidy to cover the hours of teaching and/or management as indicated in the employment contract. For example, a junior applicant with a 0.6 FTE teaching duty can apply for a replacement subsidy of 0.6 * € 2,600.- = € 1,560.- (the stated amounts are based on full time equivalent replacement). 

Fellows from abroad - Stipend

NIAS may offer a stipend to researchers who work and live abroad in the case of loss of income.

The NIAS budget for stipends is not large enough to offer each fellow a full stipend or grant. All fellows from abroad are therefore expected to negotiate with their home institutions or another institution or foundation to cover their salary entirely or in part. If the home institution cannot cover the full salary of the Fellow for the duration of their stay at NIAS, a monthly stipend may be offered of up to € 3,800.- for senior fellows (plus ten years after obtaining Ph.D.) and up to € 2,600.- for junior fellows (less than 10 years after obtaining Ph.D.).

In some cases, also for fellows from abroad, an agreement can be made with the university at which the fellow is working to provide the university with a replacement grant instead of a stipend, for the teaching obligations of the fellow.

Please note:

  • The Fellowship from NIAS does not constitute an employment relationship. For this reason, NIAS is not obligated to make social insurance contributions; accordingly, NIAS makes no contributions to pension or unemployment insurance.
  • Fellows are expected to participate actively in academic and social events, and be present at the institute on a daily basis. The rules of the institute state that a Fellow is free to attend conferences etc., and to take leave with the restriction that his absence from the institute will not exceed a total of four weeks (including holidays) during a full year period (two weeks for one semester) in order to avoid financial consequences for either the fellow or the institute.



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