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Theme-group Fellowships

Theme Groups bring together scholars of different backgrounds with specific expertise to work together on a daily basis, to advance knowledge on a particular theme.

About NIAS Theme Groups

A NIAS research theme group is a group composed of maximum five scholars, half of them from the Netherlands, the other half from other countries. They become Fellows at NIAS for one semester of five months, starting on 1 September or 1 February respectively (available time slots are determined together with NIAS). Researchers work both individually and as a team on a clearly defined research topic with the aim of producing a concrete result such as a book, scientific paper or conference.

NIAS theme groups may be initiated by the Director of the institute (by invitation) or by application.

The same selection criteria that apply to regular NIAS Fellows also apply to the participants of a theme group. On occasion, the theme group may offer a place to talented junior researchers who are thus able to further develop their skills by working closely with senior researchers.

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