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My Optimism Wears Heavy Boots: So much research, so few implications, towards ‘patient-proof’ empirical models and more effective interventions in mental health


bockting w.jpgClaudi Bockting
Utrecht University
Clinical Psychology
February -  June 2017 

Cramer w.jpgAngélique Cramer 
University of Amsterdam 
Methodology and Clinical Psychology
February -  June 2017 

Hollon w.jpgSteve Hollon
VanderBilt University, USA 
Clinical Psychology
February -  June 2017 

Ormel w.jpgJohan Ormel
University Medical Center Groningen  
February -  June 2017 

Siegle w.jpgGreg Siegle 
University of Pittsburgh 
Cognitive Neuroscience
February -  June 2017 

Spinhoven w.jpgPhilip Spinhoven 
Leiden University 
Clinical Psychology
February -  June 2017

The theme group will work in close collaboration with Professor E.A. Holmes, University of Cambridge and Karolinska Institute, Professor C. Harmer, University of Oxford, Professor H. Tiemeijer, Erasmus University, Professor M. van den Hout, Utrecht University and Dr. C. Vinkers Department of Psychiatry of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

About the Topic

Even though psychological and pharmacological treatments are effective for most mental disorders, only half of treated patients experience a clinically meaningful reduction in symptoms or achieve full remission for these disabling conditions. The fact that a substantial proportion, does not or only partially, respond to existing treatments is highly problematic. Moreover, relapse rates are unacceptably high. Despite four decades of experimental and neuroscientific research as well as clinical intervention studies, effect sizes for treatment efficacy have not increased and novel treatment modalities are largely lacking. Six important factors that contribute to these disappointing results will be critically evaluated. A wealth of experience in the group from different perspectives will facilitate to find solutions.

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